Ressurecting the old pic

Finished cleaning up a digital picture of an older Bogue Rat.  I’m trying to provide some higher quality images  of the rat that you can scale down as needed.  So here you go…

Bogue Rat and Beer.

Bogue Rat and Beer.

2 thoughts on “Ressurecting the old pic

  1. Finally got my old patch sewn onto my vest after not seeing the gate of Vogue Field for over 49 yrs. Was stationed there from between 1962 or 63–1965. –3531 flt.line re-fueled. Lots & lots of skewers back then & only a perforated matting for a runway & not much else. Miss JESSIE Store was right a cross the highway, lovely lady who treated all of us young MARINES with love. GOD rest her soul. Sign me Pfc. Cooper & SEMPER-FK. MARINES. MY LIGHTS ARE STARTING TO DIM & IT WONT BE LONG NOW BEFORE I’M GONE but I’ll go out a MARINE. FIRST & FOREMOST ALWAYS !!

  2. A 7011 in 63-66. Old School Philly Navy Yard . First group to go to Lakehurst for 13 weeks OJT on soon to be purchased CE-1 Cat. Made a scale model of same for donation to Marine Museum Quantico but need photos of some launches on Cat and also some traps on M-21 tape gear to enhance display at Quantico. Model of M-21 gear also to scale. Would appreciate photos greatly .

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