MABS-14 Recovery / EAF 1986. Gunner Cernoch, Top DeRusseaux OIC / NCOIC – Sent in by Mark Worthy

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  1. Wow memories like it were yesterday! SATS 1972 , cat cable came unglued and in 75 it was still in the trees backside of the cat. From there to Nam Phong 73 (NCAA rose garden) Mr Rossi Oic. Three tours later back at Bogue and Mr Rossi now OIC of SATS. Very active cat in 76 till Mike Grasso pre launched an A6 into Bogue Sound. I believe cat was never used again. Replaced entire main runway with new am2 in 76. Detached as a section leader to Recovery section assigned to Crash Crew 77-78 at Cherry Point! Loved Bogue and lack of babysitters after 4.

  2. I recognize a few of these faces. I used to get sent on TAD from MCAS Beaufort all the time.

  3. I was a Bogus Rat in 86,87, just before the establishment of the Marine Wing Support Squaudrons. I have always been proud to have served there. Faces in this photo are almost all recognizable. I remember the sad day of Top Derusseau’s passing. I remember Gunner Runnermilling about with a dip, a chew, and a cigarette at the same time. Scruffy, but professional all. I wish them all wonderful lives. Ooh rah!

  4. I was there in 76. SATS class of 72. Don’t remember the name of the little Bar right outside the gate. Was with L&R in Nam Phong in 73 until we pulled out in August. I served 72-78. I remeber all the names Dan Fitz named above, CWO Rossi and Mike Grasso served with us in Nam Phong.

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