Found a binder of pictures.  If you have some insight as to the year these were taken, please let me know!  I’ll keep adding photos as I come across them.  If you have any you would like to include, send them to me (support at

Bogue Field Pics

05 Approach Shot

05 Approach Shot, Unknown Year



Shot from the North.


LHA Deck, Unknown Year


Former CAL site off 05 Approach

MCAAF Bogue circa 1943

MCAAF Bogue circa 1943

Approach 23 shot

Here’s a view of the former CALA near the 23 approach.

Approach 23 Shot

Approach 23 Shot

Pad 1 & 2

Pad 1 & 2


Pre and Post arrestment

Pre and Post arrestment

The Marines of Bogue Field

Send me your group photos!

Flt Ops Bogue & Cat 7412 (Bottom R). Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

Flt Ops Bogue & Cat 7412 (Bottom R). Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

Jack Shields & ink (Ingram). Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

Jack Shields & ink (Ingram). Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

PX Bogue. Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

PX Bogue. Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

Top Sgts Johnson, Jerry Kuczek, Shere & Poldna. Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

Top Sgts Johnson, Jerry Kuczek, Shere & Poldna. Submitted by Larry Q Chambers.

Expeditionary Airfields – 2004

Expeditionary Airfields with SgtMaj of the Marine Corps – 95-99

Expeditionary Airfields with CMC – 1994

Expeditionary Airfields – 1994


MABS-14 Recovery / EAF 1986. Gunner Cernoch, Top DeRusseaux OIC / NCOIC – Sent in by Mark Worthy


Bogue Launch 3

Hello Bogue Rats, I am Tom Roloff USMC/Army CWO Ret. I was at Bogue as a 7011 in April 1966, went to Nam and then back to MAG-24 until 1969. There with the m-21 arresting gear and the catapult was installed. Used the m-5 arresting gear at Cherry Point. – Series submitted by Tom Roloff

Bogue Launch 3

Submitted by Tom Roloff

Bogue Launch 3

Submitted by Tom Roloff

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  1. I was stationed at Bogue Field from 1981-1983. Does anyone know how I can find info on Lt. Col. Ray L. Springfield our CO at the time?

  2. I served at Bogue from Apr 1968 to Jun 1969. Wish I had bought land at Erle Island!!!!! Was there last summer and its changed a lot

  3. Pics 1-3 looks like Bogue Field in 1966 and the 05 approach R/W is the runway where the catapult was installed. Was at Bogue Field in 1966 and 1968/69

  4. served from 1983-86 as S-4 supply and assisted in a 7011 capasity then got out and joined up marine reserve and got my 7011 mos from lakehurst. My best time in the corps was being a rat. Where are you trapper, this is tracker. Dixon are you out there?

  5. In regards to LtCol Springfield last I recall he was a Mathematics Professor at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville

  6. did a short stint there in the 80’s. the two guys I remember most. the materials SSGT I think his name was Salem and the radio operator he was New York and a DJ or something

  7. I was with Mabs24 in early 1968 when we went to Bogue Field and lived in tents for the first 3 months. Coldest winter of my life!

  8. I was stationed at Bogue Field with Crash/Fire/Rescue 1970 ( till my 18th birtday. Trying to locate anyone that remembers the off base car crash Sept 1970. After all these years the accident is catching up, but I cannot get any medical records or duty logs from that time period. It would have been 1 to 2 weeks after 11 Sept 1970.
    Stephen Morrison

  9. Was stationed at Bogue Field back in and around 1962-1965, some of that time was on a volunteer basis. Was a refueler on the flt. line, back then we had F-4s, A-6s , KC-130s and once in a while the reserves flew in their F-86 Saberjets as well, what a gas that was. Food was good and plentiful, mosquitos thick as molasses too. Those were some good days and most of the civilians across from the main gate (MISS JESSIES) store would let us run a tab for our beer and smokes. I was attached to MABS-27, MWSG-27, 2nd MAW, 1962-1966.

  10. Semper Fi! Once a Bogue rat always a Bogue Rat! Detachment C Macs-2 been deployed to Bogue-istan from 2011-2014. HE mech supporting the Air field exercises.

  11. Larry Drake there are a bunch of us on Facebook. And we are having a reunion again in summer 2015. Hope you can make it!

  12. I enjoyed your site and the items in your px. I plan on purchasing some soon. Can you make a VTOL mouse pad and maybe a Bogue Rat mouse pad? Let me know how much if you can.
    EAF Rat-1981-1987
    Thanks Chris

  13. I was at bogue field in 1963 took a cattle car each morning from Cherry point.and again at night back t C.P.left in 64 went to Japan and vietnam and back to bogue in late out.

  14. station there 63 mos7011. when did bogue rats come about.where can i get a rat patch

  15. Was with MATCU-23 in 1976 – 1979 but Fap’ed to NKT most of the time. Still did a little time on Bogue and proud to be a Bogue Rat!

  16. Pic “Shot from the North”
    I believe it was taken between 1983 and 1985. My reasoning is the Air Traffic Control equipment in use and it’s location. Some of that equipment was replaced in 1986. Also I see a structure that was built between the years I mentioned. I also recall relocating some of the Air Traffic Control equipment while I was there to the location in the picture. To top it all off I think my old truck is in the picture.

  17. The reference to rats must be house trailers given to us by Camp Lejeune. Before they could plant one on the ground, the rats were jumping out.

  18. Who knows the name of the knot on the ropes used to catch the dolly. Ask Corporal Haines.

  19. Semper Fi, Marines. I served with WES -27 out of Cherry Point. 1985-1986 era. Heavy junk mechanic. Great spot! Beautiful scenery and a GREAT chow hall. Remember a couple of Jamaican type Marines as chefs there. LT Julian drove a Dodge truck. Volleyball games at lunch. Gunny Hayden. Chris Esmus. Wow. Lotsa beer at drink and drown night outside the gate of Cherry Point. Swing with the Wing!

  20. I was at the weather station from 1968-70. I witnessed 1 crash and a discharge of a flare inside of the watch tower. Thank good no one was hurt in either case but i about pee-ed my pants over the flare

  21. Stationed at Bogue Field in 1974. I played linebacker on the 7-man football team. Our QB was from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was a blond-haired guy with a rocket for an arm. And there was a lineman from Santa Maria, Ca. Can’t remember their names. We got beat pretty good by the Cherry Pt and Camp Lejuene teams but it was still a lot of fun.

  22. Was a 7011 from 63-66 Never got to Bogue Field . Am looking for photos to enhance the display at the Marine Museum Quantico ” Viet Nam Room ” Have made scale models of CE-1 Cat and M-21 gear to donate. Hoping to find launch of aircraft ( side shot ) on Cat with dolly under aircraft as well as some arrestment photos of tape gear during tape runout. F-4 was my favorite aircraft but worked mostly with A-4 ‘s at Chu Lai in ’66 on Morest gear. Installed M-21 gear there but had failure so back to Mk-2 gear.

  23. Had wonderful times back in 78 and 79. Crash Crew section leader. Many great times there. Nothing like being a Bogue Rat! Semper Fi! SSGT Skip Nix, Greensboro N.C.

  24. I was there from maybe June 1972 to December 1973 as a SATS. Anyone else who was there at that time please email me at Please put Bogue Field in the subject box please. Thanks and Semper Fi

  25. I served at Bogue from late 83 to September of 85. What great time that was. I worked at the motor pool under Lt Julean, Gunny Hayden & Gunny Green. I remember playing volleyball at lunch with Cris Tolliver, Ken Stanton, Cris Esmis, Sgt. Sneed and many others but their names have faded from my memory. We would work on a Jeep and take it on the many sand roads for a test drive. I still have my Bogue Rats patch. Unfortunately I got into a little trouble and had to leave the the Marines before I wanted too.

  26. I served at Bouge Field from July 72 thru Sept 73, with Mabs-14 Heavy Equipment under 1st Lt. Houlihan,Ssgt.Griffin,Ssgt. Paisley, Sgt.Smith, Sgt. Dennison,my self Sgt.Conklin, Cpl.Harrell, Pfc. Paul Paulie, Pfc. Green, I was grading perimeter road and tore up the landing lights shutting down base operations, got a unofficial reprimand for that !! Hoping to hear from someone !!

  27. Hello I was in MATCU 61 from 6/71 – 10/73 I repaired diesel generators that ran power for the tower and radars. My nick mane was baby because I joined the corps when I was 17. from Boston ma.
    I was on line looking at some old photos and saw the old PX what a shit hole but it was all we had. any old bouge rats out there shoot me a email

  28. I was at Bouge from 66 – 69 we installed the first cat and tape arresting gear .We lived in tents at first,before that we went from Cherry Pt. in cattle cars ,they gave us trailers later on .7011ers were used for gate guards,brig chasers and anything else they think of.

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