Patches in the PX

You can now purchase two versions of the Bogue Rat patch in the store! I will only have a few on hand so if it is out of stock and you want one, send me a message or post on this site and I’ll drive up to ET’s in Havelock and pick up some more.

The price will vary depending on the deal they give me.

BR_Patch BR_Beer_Patch

6 thoughts on “Patches in the PX

  1. would like to get 2 of each. An original Bogue Rat ATC Marine 1976-1979 as MATCU 23.

  2. Served at Bogue from 1970 to 1974. Back then the airfield was a hotbed of lauch and recovery activity. Would love to get my hands on both patchs and a coin if available. Please let me know how to proceed.

  3. Was there in 1972-1973 would like old and new patches if possible thanks paul

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