Been a long while…

…since I updated the site with features or information so here you go.  A new picture of the Bogue Rat and a Guestbook

I’ve received some interest in locating friends and comrades that worked together at MCALF Bogue.  Stop by and drop a note or crusty story in the new Guestbook by following the link over there on the right.

Ressurecting the old pic

Finished cleaning up a digital picture of an older Bogue Rat.  I’m trying to provide some higher quality images  of the rat that you can scale down as needed.  So here you go…

Bogue Rat and Beer.

Bogue Rat and Beer.

Decorate your walls.

Bogue Rat wallpaper. I created this image for my laptop cover and decided it looked really good on the desktop, too.  Click the image to view a larger version, click the link to download the high quality .bmp file.  Unzip the image to your c:/windows directory then set it as your desktop from your display properties (right-click your desktop, click properties, select wallpaper from the desktop tab).

Bogue Rat    Bogue Rat – Normal

Bogue Rat   Bogue Rat – Wide

Bogue Rat Coin

Bogue Rat coins are available at Bogue Field for a limited time only @ $4.00!  Stop by and pick up yours today! 

You can also purchase them here using the ‘Buy Now’ link below and I will mail the coins out to you. Shipping charge varies by quantity.

Bogue Rat Coin (Click image for larger version)


MCALF Bogue oriented sites

This list was borrowed from the Open Directory. You can find a couple more at that link.

Global Security– History and overview of Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field [MCALF] Bogue Field.

Smith, Patrick – Veteran’s personal site titled “The Bogue Rat’s Nest”. His biography, message board, and photos of Bogue Field.

Eventually I will resurrect the old links page from so that you can add your own Bogue Rat hot spots.

Semper Fi!

Capt Palm Strikes Again!

Captain Palm, former Mayor of Bogue, was recently presented with the Grandpaw Pettibone Award for his article in the Sept.-Oct. 2005 edition of “Approach” magazine. Major General Glueck Jr., Commanding General of 2nd MAW, presented the award. The clipping below is from the July 27th edition of the windsock.

Semper Fi,

MSgt Roth


C-17 brings Humvees and News Crew to Bogue!

Check out the video clip from the Channel 12 evening news program. Somehow, they worked me into the footage despite hiding away on the LHA tower. LtCol Coburn has been a proponent of Bogue Field use by C-17’s for a long time.  SSgt Seeger made the 5:00p.m. but I didn’t see or record the program.  The Sun Journal has a news story online that mentions SSgt Seeger.

Way to go Bogue Rats!!!

Semper Fi,


bogue news.wmv






The Mayor Departs!!

Capt “rosie” Palm departed Friday after six months at Bogue. A plaque made from a block of AM-2 matting and an old ARFF hatchet was presented as a token of appreciation for a job well done.

Semper Fi,


Capt Palm Plaque.JPG

Capt Palm and Gretta.JPG

Hello world!

My last website host crashed his servers and left me without any service so I have rented space at a new location that has a better chance at supporting us.  This site will continue evolving up until our deployment.  If any other sections at Bogue want to start their own ‘subdomain’ i.e. with wordpress as the foundations, let me know and I’ll get you set up to manage your own gathering area.

 Semper Fi,