7 thoughts on “OIF Vids

  1. I was woundering if there were any Bogue rat patchs avalible? I was stationed at Bogue from Oct.72 to Mar. 73 then deployed to west pac Mag 12. I had a patch but unkown were it is? If you could help I would be greatfull.

    Mike Brumfield
    Sgt. Crash Fire and rescue 72 to 76

  2. E T’s Military surplus has Bogue Rat patches but it is probably not the one you are looking for. The link to their information is here.

  3. SEMPER FI, I also would like to get a Rat Patch. I was at Bogue Field in April 66 fresh out of SATS School. Returned in 68 from Nam until March 69.

  4. To all the Bogue Rats I knew when I was stationed at Bogue Field EAF (85-89) (92-96) and (97-01), Semper Fi.

    GySgt Arthur
    (Retired 2003)

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