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  1. Cool website, I’m a local of Carteret county and wanted to know a little more history of Bogue field. Thanks

  2. SEMPER FI. I was first at Bogue 4/66 fresh out of SATS School with only 2 tints( electrical and supply) and an old wooden Admin building until i left for Nam in Dec66. Returned to Bogue 2/68 until 3/69. BEAUTIFUL BOGUE

  3. 1983-86 S-4 supply, the best time in the corps was here. Here’s to you gunny Roberts, oorah! Where are you Dixon?

  4. Semper FUELS!!! I started out at Bogue, LATMOVER from Motor T into Bulk Fuel in Jan 1996-Apr 2000 as a Cpl and Sgt, then back again as a Fuels Officer from Jan 2009- Aug 2012. God Bless and SEMPER FUELS!!!!

  5. I was at Bogue in 1968-1969. I remember Sgt Roloff and Larry Chambers. It was a rough place to be back then. No telephones, just field phones. No running water and no heat in the winter in our run down trailers! But I have great memories. I went there to visit in 2012.

  6. Currently stationed here. Bogue is the best place on Earth, so they tell everyone. It may be the truth.

  7. Bogue Rat (7041) from 2004-2008 loved every day of it, I go back and visit at least once a month.

  8. We came down from cherry point 1982 to set up 100 tents ? for solid shield exercise? and then we guarded classified communication site,we had a great time down there. they started war games and this communication site was not part of war games but fellow Marine got inside our site by accident he thought it was part of the war games our sargent wanted us to shoot him. that guy had to through his boxers out that night

  9. I was at Bogue from 70 -71. And back in 74. Spent some time at cherry point. Working on the gear there. Great place.

  10. Was at Bogue from 78-79.Was with comm,down the hill from the store an beside s1-s2. Looking for a Bogue Rat patch. Found that sight ET’s&Son’s located in Havelock,but really can’t seem to get through. Would appreciate any help. Thanks Rat’s!!

  11. Was stationed there with weather from 2001 thru 2006. It was by far the best time I had in the Corps.

  12. Back once again with a quick question for all you present and former “BOGUERATS”… where can I find, buy,beg or steal a BogueRat patch?? Anyone have for sale I can be reached at Thanks, Semper-Fi & a big HOO-RAH to all.

  13. Was at Bogue Field when there wasn’t even one tent back around 1962 or 63, Miss Jessie’s store was right across from the main gate. We had a complete tent city set up in jig time and food was trucked in hot from Cherry Point. Our LSO didn’t have any tower, we just set up his meatball machine and comm. along the side of the old mat runway for the F-4 Phantoms, A-4 Skyhawks , a few KC-130s( which would take off with the help of JATO and once in a while the MARINE Reservests would fly in their F-86 Saberjets. I was a refueler on the flight line (3531) and have some fond memories of Bogue Field.

  14. Hey my Fellow Rats . I was there from late 79 to oct 82 when i returned from Iwakuni on a det with VMAQ-2. any one remember the explosion in Norway when the Burner Tent burnt up. I worked with Gunny Mc in the chow hall .

  15. I have a claim in with the VA for the MCB Lejeune Water Contamination, because I believe that when we used the Water Buffalo the water was ported from Lejeune; I know that Lejeune was 12 miles from Bogue whereas Cherry Point was 21 miles, and I know that the Motor Pool drivers were back in 45 to 50 minutes, so it only makes sense that they drove to Lejeune to fill the Water Buffalo. I would open the top hatch on cold morning and punch through the skim of ice to make coffee every morning, and I was the oily sheen on the water. I do have cancer and am looking for other Marine from Bogue during the 67 through 69 time period who are ill too. The VA says that no Cherry Point Marines were contaminated, and I have to agree, but we were closer to Lejeune and to Cherry Point. I do have a Marine that was at Bogue a few years after me that stated he drove to Havenot Point to fill the water buffalo at Lejeune. But if I find Marines that are sick and were at Bogue during the same time that I was it would add support to my claim.

  16. Larry Chambers sent me some pictures which I posted to the “Rats of Bogue” page. Thank you for contributing! The accompanying text is located below.

    “I worked at Flight Operations as an MOS 7041 under GySgt Raymond Young and Major J. W. Wilson. I came to MCALF Bogue right out of Flight Operations School June 68 to Sept 69. I was promoted each time that I had enough ‘time in rank’, because I was the only MOS 7041 on the base. Naturally I was labeled a “Rank Grabber”. I left a Cpl after “Requesting Mass” to the IG – the Chaplain that inspected our dilapidated trailers with no heat or running water, but I did have my Playboy Pinups on my closet door which embarrassed the Chaplain; thus was Ordered to remove. I told the IG Inspector of the conditions i.e. no laundry, no PX, 40 yards to use the restroom and showers (cold shower after the sixth one to shower). Well, the sleeping facilities were shut down and we were “cattle car” to Cherry Point until new Air Force Barracks were constructed. I didn’t get to move into the new barracks – I was shipped to West Pac. I also know why no rifle pits can be dug at Bogue. I was late from a 92 Hr Pass and took the Gunny’s punishment. He wanted a sceptic tank put in and he elected me to dig it 8’ X 8’ X 6’; I got 3’ and struck water. I was then relegated to burning off the human waste from the latrines with JP -5. Do you know that JP -5 burns very hot when in contact with Marine waste. Real hot s_ _ t !

    Enjoy the pictures. I will no doubt get yelled at for posting pictures of fellow Marines without permission, but then again; they are old and probably don’t remember what they looked when they were young. It was last century anyway.

    Semper fi,”

  17. Hey fellow Bogue Rat Warriors, I was Rat from 1994-1998. One great place to be stationed after a tour on the drill field. Mellowed me out a wee bit. Semper Fi!

  18. i was there in 63 left in 64 for atsuki and vietnam mos 7011.came back in 66.remember miss Jessies store very well had an account there.her folks were buried at bougue field.had a crew of three we were detailed to go find her grandma and grandpa grave site they buried them and to mark there graves they fell a big oak tree over the site.and we had to find them.

  19. To all Bogue Rats. I am trying to resolve a VA claim and I need some help. Anyone that was stationed at Bogue 1970,71, please contact me. I am trying to find the name of the senior Navy Medic that was staioned there. Also any of the Crash Crew from that time. My email is
    Thanks for any help.

  20. Stationed @ Bogue from 1976-1979, 7051 crash crew. Lcpl Romo and I picked up orders to Iwakuni. The others stationed at Bogue that I can remember was, Handline(our dog), Barber, McCarty, McAbe, Cavangh, Whetstone, WO Rodriguez, Whisnaut(Whiz), GySgt Bunn, Cpl Lewis, Sgt Salem, Bates, Slaughter, McIntyre, GySgt Fox… Several others… While stationed there at Bogue, I witnessed the actual process of someone being “Drummed” out of the Marine Corps. Lotsa activity while stationed there.

  21. I was station at Bouge Crash Crew 1976-1980 with some of the craziest Marines and Handline our dog. Gunner Newman, Gunny Cobb, Bob Massey, Hellman, Lucky, Salem, Sanders, Slim, Newson, Reyes, Kirk, Woody, Allen, Romo Newell, McIntyre, Daniels and his get rich quick by selling a runway . Cox getting wasted and falling a sleep in the beach, and having to get air lifted to the point. Having Plowman fall of the back of ” Bouge 11″ rolling on an F 4 that missed the mid field gear and took the gear at the end of the runway into the lights. Hot spot with Slim and Tiny playing the harmonica and the guitar singing “Knocking On Heavens door”. Remember hooking up the A4 simulator to the back of the M880 and taking it for a ride. The best was placing the snake in Lucky’s rack , Thought he was going to kill us. What great times what great Marines.
    May God bless you all ,where ever you are, and those that we have lost they will always be the young Marines of Bouge Field Crash Crew.
    Semper Fi

  22. Stationed at Bogue 1977-1978 and back again 1980 – 1985
    MOS 7011 Aircraft Recovery Tech

  23. I was at Bogue from Jan 81 to April 82. Ran Det Wes-27 which later became MWSS-271.

  24. May 1967 – January 1970 arresting gear green jersey. I was there for the launch when the cable snapped because the jet rolled off without clearing the dolly. It took down a lot of trees. I was also there when the jet took off with the arresting gear cable and tapes attached and flew back to Cherry Point. It spun the spools fast enough to disintegrate the hubs.

  25. i was swinging with the Wing in 85-86. Heavy Junk mechanic. Beautiful place, great chow hall. Getting Private Stock beer for the ride home to Cherry Point with Sgt Roscoe Snead. Great place to be a Marine.

  26. I was stationed at MAG-14 Cherry Point NC, but worked at MABS-14 on Bogue Field from 1982-1984 my MOS was 2542 comm center

  27. I was at Bogue field Oct.1972 to April 1973 and again June 1974 to March 1975 Crash Crew. Bogue was a unique duty and I enjoyed it very much. Left the Corp 1976.

  28. I was there when the F4 missed midfield Ana caught the cable at the end of the runway. It was an airshow for foreign dignitary’s. The pilot pissed his flight suit. I believe it was early 1978.
    Mike Nations

  29. Best place in the FMF! CFR 84 – 88 I sure do miss those days and all the fellow Marines I worked with.
    Semper Fi!

  30. This message is for Marc D I was there with you 85 to 88 until I got out. PT good for me and good for you. Semper Fi brother. I have seen some folks that were there with us working around the area. Get in touch.

  31. I was stationed with MABS-14 on Bogue Field from 1982-1983. My MOS was 2841 radio repair and worked on the Crash Crew trucks.
    Lived across the street in Cape Carteret. Great Duty!

  32. Hello fellow RATS fooling around on google and stumbled on to this page. See a few names from the past Drake, Peele, Flatland, Mr Springfield. Dropping a line to say hi to all hope all is well with you. Got intouch with John Cote not long ago he still is cranky lol. Was a bouge from 81-84.

  33. Arrived as an year old private Crash Fire Rescue private in Jan 1986. Transitioned from MABS-14 to MWSS-271. Spent my first few months there putting down new aluminum matting with a skeleton crew – everyone else was in Wisconsin and then Norway for Operation Northern Wedding. Deployed to Turkey in 1986. I left in Summer of 1989 for Okinawa. I remember Chris Lawson above (believe he had a jet ski he used to ride in the sound when we were on duty on weekends – ha!). Also fondly remember my best friend Glenn “wally” Watkins who passed away while I was there. Saddest thing I’d ever experienced to that point in my life. Good times, fond memories, Semper Fi! I’m in Charlottesville, VA now.

  34. Arrived as an year old private Crash Fire Rescue private in Jan 1986. Transitioned from MABS-14 to MWSS-271. Spent my first few months there putting down new aluminum matting with a skeleton crew – everyone else was in Wisconsin and then Norway for Operation Northern Wedding. Deployed to Turkey in 1986. I left in Summer of 1989 for Okinawa. I remember Chris Lawson above (believe he had a jet ski he used to ride in the sound when we were on duty on weekends – ha!). Also fondly remember my best friend Glenn “wally” Watkins who passed away while I was there. Saddest thing I’d ever experienced to that point in my life. Good times, fond memories, Semper Fi! I’m in Charlottesville, VA now.

  35. Responding to Johns comments above, I live in New Bern and work on the Marine Corps Bases as a General Contractor. We did work at our old Crash Barn and Barracks 200 at CP. I see top prop all the time. Wally was a good man never forget that day. Semper FI.

  36. I was Stationed at Bogue Field From July 1973- Nov 1974.
    I was In Bulk Fuel…anyone who was or is there Semper Fi

    Tom Marquart Wood Ridge, nj 07075.. 201 394 2340

  37. Paul “PB” Pierce here is my email: lqsan71` or call me (712) 261-1092 would like to talk to you. I was the Flight Operations Clerk in S-3 shack with “Gunny” Young. July 67 to Sep 70.


  38. I arrived on Bogue Field in Sept-1973 a 17 year PFC fresh out of Crash Crew School, loved every day there, spent a lots of weekends at Lejeune, the closest big base for partying. We lived on Bogue in the prefab barracks until they closed them in late 1975. I left Bogue as a CPL 2/1976
    VT Anderson

  39. I was an original Bogue Rat. After SATS School I was stationed at MCAS Cherry Point, MABS-27, Sub Unit One, MCALF Bogue Field. In Mar 1966 my Launch and Recovery unit was part of the process of re-opening the base. At that time the field had a couple of old WWII ear wood building. Most of the field with the except of the main runway was heavily wooded. We occupied a small office hut on a taxiway. We had a field tent we used for afternoon chow delivery from Cherry Point. Each day we rode a 6×6 to and from Bogue. We had a set of Navy Mk3 arresting gear (also used on carriers) sitting on trailers. We would do maintenance and weekly exercise the gear by pulling out the cable out by a 6×6. In that summer we took this gear to the Quantico Air Facility for air shows. Back then our days were mostly spent going on clean up working parties. We also played a lot of football, because our C.O. played football for Alabama. In 1967 with the help of a Navy Construction Battalion we installed a complete SATS field. We had two sets of M-21 arresting gear, matting runways and ramps, a catapult and Fresnel lens. We also had a MATCU control tower and bulk fuel dispensing stations. By that time we became a completely operational air base. Our mission was to train Marine Fighter Squadrons in the use of our land based aircraft carrier. In 1965 there was a complete SATS airfield in operation at Chu Lai, Vietnam. This training facility prepared Fighter Squadrons rotating to Vietnam. Also due to the massive need for pilots, some Marine pilots were trained by the Air Force and needed carrier training. We give them a taste of arrestments and catapult launches. When we went operational we recovered and launched the following aircraft: F4,A4,A6 and F8’s in both daytime and night operations. We also trained reserve squadrons. in 1967 we had one F4 crash and one A6 crash (loss of pilot and weapons officer). When they re-opened the mess hall in 1967 a group of us moved to Bogue and lived in field tents. Eventually they brought in old mobile homes for us (not running water). We became very good and building shitters. They also provided us with a mobile shower unit (not much fun in the winter). I was trained as a catapult control console operator. I was the person in charge of the catapult and launched aircraft at the command of the launch officer. I was at Bogue from 1965 to 1968. After a tour in Japan I spent another tour at Bogue from 1969 to 1972. By that time we had permanent two story pre-fab barracks and a second active runway with a catapult. Again I launched aircraft from a catapult. At that time we only had one launch accident involving a reserve A4 (the pilot ejected and survived). I could go on and on. Looking back I had a great and adventurous time at Bogue !

  40. To Paul Pierce- saw your 11/14/15 posting- I left in late 67 for Japan. I came back in Nov 1969. I remember the F4 incident when it pulled out both tapes from the M21 gear and took them back to Cherry Point. At the time it looked like he would not make it back up in the air. He ran off the end of the runway with full afterburners. All we saw was a cloud of sand and then him lifting up at the waters edge. It looked like he was pulling an advertising sign behind him- one lucky pilot and RIO. I also remember the incident with the A4. I was running the cat he launched off of. WO Rossi was the launch officer. During the launch the cat engines did not auto run up to adequate launch speed. The pilot did not get green rotate signal and he pulled right off of the launch dolley. the dolley over ran him and hit the return ropes. It then came back and hit one of his main gears. The pilot ejected while still on the ground. He separated from his seat and his chute did not deploy until just before he hit the ground. He was really messed up with broken legs and hip, but he survived. The plane slide off of the runway and exploded. Fortunately it did not have live ordnance. The whole event seemed like slow motion. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Sorry but I do not recall you.

  41. Hey, Doug. Long time no see. We were together at Bogue and Iwakuni. I arrived at Cherry Point in Aug/Sep 1966–Oct 1967. Iwakuni November 1967 to December 1968. I’ve still got pics of Iwakuni crew. A few gals in Iwakun called you Mt Fuji cause you were so tall.

  42. Hey John. When I left Iwakuni I flew into El Toro, and took an early release from active duty. Stupid me re-enlisted in Nov 69 and was again stationed at Bogue until I finally got out for good in 71. By the way Rich Rossi received a warrant officer commission and was my CO at Bogue. When I got I took a job with a German Mfg company, attended night school and got a BS in Business. I retired as an engineering mgr after 36 yrs. Have you been in contact with any of the guys. Could you send me copies of the pics.

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