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  1. Welcome all! Please leave a comment here about when you were here and any funny stories you may have about MCALF Bogue or the Iconic Rat!

    Semper Fi,

  2. I’m the current maintainer of this site and have been at MCALF Bogue since 2002. A lot of changes have occured to the runway in that time. We’ve pretty much re-layed all the matting out there once and the LHA deck twice. When I checked in all those years ago, the Bogue Rat was an outcast image. The Group CO threated a PG11 if he saw it during his visit. So I started my efforts to resurrect and promote the Bogue Rat.

  3. I was at Bogue from 1968 to 1970 as a 7041 MOS – Flight Operations Clerk. I worked under “Gunny” Young and Major White. We had a common shower 100′ from our four-man trailers. I was housed with all the 7011’s. Walked 1/4 mile for chow. We had no laundry facilities; we sent it out in a truck. At the office (S-3) we had a ‘water buffalo’ parked out front that I made coffee each morning. Often times during the winter months I had to use a broom the knock the ice off to get water.

    S-1 was up by the chowhall where I made the daily walk to get the mail. I have pictures of my time at the Bogue, and would be glad to share them.

    Semper fi,

  4. I was a 5952 stationed at Bogue Field from 1988 to 1992. Worked a lot of nights out there. Met some really great Marines and a few not so great Marines but that’s how it goes. I saw some photos and the runway has realy changed from when I was there.

  5. Was an on-site corpsman (or “corpse”man as the new POTUS seems to think,,,) from 1978 to 1980. Top Auriello was at ops, Gunny Pybus and Gunny Johnson (L&R?). Ltcol. O’Connell was the CO. Ltcol Matthews was a former tanker who ran marathons and was the XO. Lt. Baum (Baumer) was a good friend of mine.

    I worked with Doc Anderson and later Doc Larson. Had a hell of a time raking clams in the sound. Was there for two Harrier crashes- both fatals.

    Good duty for a doc. Regards to all my fellow rats.

  6. i was atc at bogue 1970-71 froze in the ups van and listened to the ups beep on the radios every sweep it made. lots of extra controllers there…jackson, johnson, dunbar,dixon, phelps, gsygt richards, wo jonely and others i don’t remember just now. transition base newgys and short timers mostly. i went to iwakuni got out in 73. i might have a picture or two.

  7. Was a 7011 at Bogue from 79-81, back in 82 from Oki until 86. Bogue field was never the same after the changeover to MWHS-1 when they decommissioned the Rat and became the Stallions. Trapping the F-4’s and A-4’s was the best. Partying at Shelly Point, standing guard at the gate, and taking the new guys out to “Old Man Bogue’s grave” were some of the highlights at Bogue, besides Gunny Roberts walking through the ranks during formation.

  8. I was stationed at Bogue Field from early 1985 thru late 1987 (one of the female marines, most of the time the only one). I was a Field Radio Operator (I was also assigned as the Mail Clerk and Courier for the field).

    I remember fighting the forest fire in Croatan National Forest in (1985 I think) and we earned a Meritorious Unit Citation. I remember weeks of practicing disassembling, moving and reassembling the runway matting in case we had to deploy to Iran, providing communications during night ops when the “birds” had to practice their carrier landings and trapping and being in the tower when the Harriers were hovering just a few feet away.

    The CO was a tall guy named Capt. Oliphant, I think. The Sgt. Maj. was J. Morris (saw him again in Hawaii) and our corpsman was “Doc” Goss. I also remember a nice lady ran the little store during this time (across the field from the chow hall).

    Thanks for creating this site, I will check back from time to time to read other Marine’s input.

    Semper Fi my fellow “Rats”,

    Beth Morton

  9. I was a 7011 stationed at Bogue from Aug 70 to Dec 71 after I got back from Nam. Trapped and shot off a lot of planes while I was there. Got nicknamed SGT Hollywood because of the dark wraparound glasses I had to wear after getting burned in one eye while working on one of the catapults we had there. We weren’t called Bogue Rats back then but the description fits. We were considered Cherry Points ugly stepchild for the most part and had to scrounge around for just about everything but we did OK. Glad to see the field is still operational after all these years.

  10. Bogue Rat from Feb 04 – Mar 07 and loved every second of it. I got chance to deploy with the Bogue Rats twice. Deployed with legendary Bogue Rat SSgt Santiago who spent close to 8 years/3 different tours at Bogue and MSgt Roberts who spent 7 years stationed at Bogue. I plan to post some pictures I have of life at the Bogue.

  11. I was at bogue 2 times in my career 80 march-81 sept then again 82-oct -83 july.My being here was a highlight of my time in the corps.The squadron parties at shelly point were things of legend,gysgt garber and gysgt roberts cooking a pig in the ground all night.The pack up area was were some of the best times were born.I can remember drinking out there when we were supposed to be in formation on pad 3.all those rats there at the time I am sure you remember WO3 HARRIS one of the meanest SOBs you could ever come could not have had a better CO than LTCOL Ray L Springfield,compared to old TP Connell the man never smiled.I am proud to call my self a BOGUE( RECOVERY) RAT!!!

  12. Let’s shut the field down and go to Shelly Point for a party, some clamming and then head to the Fireside for the evening.

  13. I was stationed at Bogue from 1985-87. I loved every minute of it! Favorite part was running point while trapping the F-4’s and the A-4’s (always thought they would tip over because they sat up so high and looked fragile). Many late night working night-ops running the lighting, and working night traps. Nothing like seeing a shower of sparks from a tailhook dragging down the runway before catching the cable. Good times! I remember working the forest fire as well, and how about pulling guard duty at the gate. How much fun was that – not!

    Nothing like drinking at the Fireside after a long day at work, then waking up in the barracks wondering why your fingers were red???(eating the pistachio’s)

  14. I was stationed at bougue as a “recovery rat” from 85-87. was a part of that re matting of bougue as a forklift operator. long hot days in the carolina sun. it was a great time in my life which i will never forget. sad day when we changed to the “workhorse of the wing” mws 271 i believe that was our new squadron name. I agree with Jeff Dube about those really nice nights on guard duty. Yeah Right indeed. I enjoyed it when the the harriers were at bouge as well as the f-14’s a true sight to see at night. great we have this site to share memories keep up the good work.

  15. I have a cut out of the bogue rat given to me by M/sgt Gschwind. hope i got that right. it is in very good condition lost letters to it that spelled out bogue rat. on the the back it is initialed and numbered i have the # 2 one made. top kept the first one he made.

  16. Good old Bogue! I was stationed there from 1970 till 74. (Excxept a year in Iwakuni) What a time and What a place. Back in the day when there was 2 cats. Operations almost every day with both launch and recoveries. About 20 years ago I ventured back to the base and so much had changed.

    It’s good to know that it is still being used!

    Semper Fi,

    Vernon E. Mathews

  17. I was stationed at Bogue in 70-71 and again in 73-74. To you new guys it was really a different place back then. I have old 8mm movies and some stills. Would like to talk to some of the old gang.

  18. I was stationed at Bogue with MABS-14 from January 1977 to March 1979. Lt. Baca was an old mustang officer who commisioned the “Bogue Rat’ character. We were known as the cast-offs from Cherry Point. I can’t remember the Marine’s name who drew the Bogue Rat. There were a few submissions but his was best. It was loosley based on “Big Daddy Rat” from the California hot rod scene. Lt. Baca had prints and iron-on Bogue Rat emblems made. He would have us sell them to deployed Marines from other units. He did ok during the Solid Shield exercises. Although we’d never say it then, Semper Fi!

  19. Had a great time just doing what RATS DO.(79 TIL 82) i LOOK SO YOUNG IN THE PIC’S .I had a tree fall across my house durring IKE that hit houston and my office was a storage room and i am reel close to getting in to it and i will post alot of pic’s for all to share!
    Rayburn out

  20. Hello,bogue family I was at bogue field from Dec.79 to sept. 82 i was with S-4 right up stairs from communication and bob i remember you i think you were with comm right below S-4
    I have pictures I try and locate and post also.Any of guys remember Top,Rife of S-4 and gunny Mckay at the chow hall.

  21. Hey bob did’nt read your second post you were with crash crew and a guy named “HAPPY JACK’ or that’s what we called him. Also you were with cpl. young from north carolina and lcpl wynn from kentucky there was also a young from ohio.

  22. I served at Bogue from Oct. 1972 to April 1973 in Crash crew. I returned to beautifull Bogue by the sea on June 1974 to March 1975. I was promoted to Sgt. and sent to the Point Crash Crew. Had some great times there in the old barn by Launch and Recovery. And you had to love the lock ons for war games.

    Semper Fi

  23. hi was at Bouge Field 1979-1983 sgt Nixon in tech. i like the place and had a good time got to meet many friends who i still call every week and i am glad to call them Marines & friends.if some one happen to see capt. harris tell him he was a kiss ass. he did help my good friend Michael Clark but the guy was not a good Marine Officer. he should have stayed on the drill field.

    michael nixon.jpg

  24. I was at Bogue from 84 to 86, and loved every minute of it. I have great memories of the WES-27 motor pool, and would love to hear back from other “Rats”.

  25. Where are all the controllers that were at Bogue? I was there from88-94 and had the time of my life (LOL). No, really, Bogue was a great place to be even if we were the Red Headed Step Children of MATCS 18. Served with a great group of people and will always remember the “unoffical” tower log we kept.

  26. I was a Bogue Rat from 2000-2004. Great bunch of Marines. Miss all the great times.

  27. I was also there remember Master Gunny Trujillo he was there from Hawaii, also Staff Perkins was there a short time then went to Hawaii. I do remember the pig roast at shelly point. And do remember the Corps man from orlando fla or tampa. I have been trying to get an old photo that was taken by a staff sgt who used to take unit pictures . Lost mine during Hurricane Andrew in Miami. Would like to show my sons.

  28. Hey I noticed that there were alot of Marines from the past that have signed this book so I figured I would sign for all the current Marines here at Bogue. I have been at Bogue from 2005 to 2011 and will be leaving soon. Semper Fi!

    SSgt Morales (FIDO)

  29. Hey Shady I see you posted a photo of Bledsoe has anyone seen him. I Kept in touch with Cpl Raul Jaramillo till around 1987 yhen he went to work for one of the local News stations as a camera man in Florida. I am trying to locate some of my old pictures so I can post them and you guys can remember who I was.

  30. Hi
    I am orginally from Bogue. Wonder if any of the Marines remember a graveyard in Bogue Field? My family was one of the orginal owners of that property before it became a base. Let me know if you do remember one. Thanks.

  31. Yes I do remember that when I was pulling guard duty for a month or as they called it PRO VOS Marshalls the first night the Sgt. took me out in the jeep for a tour to a grave plaque behind the runway deep in the woods. I only was out there once and it was pitch black.

  32. Taught Base Security at Bogue in mid 80’s. Had a blast mixin it up with 2nd Force there. Semper Fi

  33. Hello Bogue Rat Crash Crew folks. I was stationed at Bogue Field from January 1979 to July 1982. A shout out to all the former 7051’s who were there with me. Good times!

  34. was Rat from 87-90 then 92-94. Will always be a rat. Top save the rat. we are and always will be outcast . Dam proud of being a rat.

  35. I was stationed at Bogue in ’76 and 77…great times, nice area! I was with H&MS-14 and then MABS-14 as a heavy equipment operator 1345

  36. Sgt Canning Air Traffic Control MATCU 23 ANYONE OUT THERE? Rex Ely? Jim Potts? Matt Cooper? and a bunch more Where are you guys? Tom 78-80

  37. I was a 3531 at Bogue during solid shield in May 1977. There were roads cut into the forest so we could camoflage our trucks. At the end of the two week operation we were given Bogue rat t-shirts. After solid shield, I was assigned to bogue till I had orders to Oki in Aug 77. I still have the bogue rat t-shirt.

  38. Amazing Site, Thank You! Keep up the good work.

    (I think this guy was just spamming me with a link to a sales site but since he gave me such a nice compliment, I left his post but stripped the link. Amazingly it wasn’t like all the broken english spam I get.)

  39. Great web site. Bogue Field is a part of me. My ‘Rat Plague’ is on my wall along with my Drill Instructor “Hat”, and my crossed swords, both NCO and Officer. Learned much there. Would like to see it again and walk the grounds.

  40. I was there from 1980 thru 1984 – CFR – Yeah Yeah!
    Great seeing the posts from everyone – names I haven’t seen or thought of in years!
    Rich Ackerly still lives in NC – maybe even in Cherry Point.
    Semper Fi boys – good seeing this out there –

  41. was at boque field from 1981-1982 would like to buy a rat patch if possible. SEMPER FI

  42. You have a great site here…..follow up on the responses! Thanks in advance for giving us something to talk about here!

  43. Bogue Field S-4 81-84, remember guys like Cpl Tucker, Sgt Nixon, Gysgt Roberts, Top Rife and Sgt Major Morris. We had a corporal Pickering who I know is still telling an unbelievable but true story of a bar room encounter with a big brit in Denmark. Do they still have the Bogue Field 10K run?

  44. We used to have a Hash run once a month but haven’t seen anything like that in a while…

  45. This was designed as more of a static guestbook than community forum. I try to reply when I can.

  46. Wow, this is pretty cool! MATCS 28 until we became MACS. Was there from 93-96.

  47. Charles M Perkins served at Bogue Field 81-83.
    Does anyone have info on Lt. Col. Ray L. Springfield who served as CO.

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