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  1. Remained friends with Leroy Vaughn, Tim Saunders, Nick Campbell. Leroy is down in Arizona last I heard. Nick is a doctor up in Montana. Tim (TJ) is retired and living about two hours drive from me near Salinas and Monterey, CA. I live in Antioch, CA. After my discharge in October 1969 I went to work for Reynolds Metals Co. with Tim for about six years. Worked for Grundfos Pumps (Danish company where I used to go to our European divisions once or twice a year. Worked for Jefferson Smurfit Corp, an international corrugated packaging company as Regional Quality Manager. I used to have 17 west coast plants, 4 in Mexico. Retired from there in early 2009. Got bored and went to work for the competition, Georgia-Pacific Packaging in December 2009. I’m a Quality Manager in their San Leandro, CA plant. I’m 68 and still working full time. Drawing my pension from Smurfit and full Social Security. Working hard every day and still enjoying it. What German company did you work for? I will try to send you some pictures soon. You can email me

  2. I was with a PFC with MABS 27 at Cherry Point and was sent there in early to mid 1962 as the field electrician, I made sure the generator was running and the lights on either side of the matting runway were working for the night time touch and goes the pilots practiced. Always remember the sound of the pilots kicking in that over burner when they either missed or the hook jumped the cable There was very few of us, we lived in a GP Medium tent just a short distance off the main road.
    During the days with nothing going on I would walk on over to an old pier sticking out over the water and fish and get a little sun. All and all pretty boring job
    Prior to President Kennedy’s arrival we helped set up the bleacher reviewing stand. I never got closed to him but watched from a distance. I never had a camera to take pics and would like to see some from that time frame if anyone has any

  3. Francis- I was there in 67 also and worked on the installation of the SATS field. GySgt Dukinok (the Duke) was the NCO in charge of the installation. Also GySgts; Joswick and Royal. After we went operational I was sent to Germany with a small group of 7011s to dismantle and ship a complete SATS system that was used by the Germany Air Force. They launched and trapped F104s. 1967 was quite a year at Bogue. Sgt. Doug Morris

  4. Served at Bogue 78 and 79. Was a Crash Crew Section Leader during this time. Really enjoyed the night time due to only having 13 of us on the base after the field secured at 1600. Great times and great memories. Pictures posted on this site make it feel like yesterday. Will always be proud to be a Bogue Rat! Semper Fi to all!
    Skip Nix, SSGT, Greensboro N.C.

  5. Bogue Rat 77-79. Tony Gorges. I was a SSgt. at the MATCU. Hi and Semper Fi.

  6. Served from January, 1980 through June 1983. Communications platoon during the draw down / reduction.

  7. I enlisted in November 26, 1943 I was 18. After Parris Island, I was stationed at Cherry Point, training as a control tower operator. I was relieved shortly after and sent to Bogue for emergency and night landing practice (touch and Go’s) for SBD’s and TBF’s.
    My partner and I lived in a rooming house and went to the field on orders with a light and radio on a pipe tower. It was probably the best duty a Marine could have.
    We were eventually ordered to San Diego and shipped out to Guam where we spent the rest of the war.
    At my age, I will be 92, I would like to hear from anyone who served, either at Bogue, Cherry Point, Guam or even Parris Island at that time.
    Do I qualify to buy a patch for my Grandchildren’s archives?
    Thank you all for keeping all this alive.

  8. Served and lived at Bogue Field with MATCU-61 from 1973 until 1975, if anyone was there at around the same time, let me know. Thanks

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