Fulfilling a 6 year old promise.

I finally posted the history page.  Stop by and learn the history of MCALF Bogue.  

We have 40 posts since the guestbook was added.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences at Bogue.  I left last year for Cherry Point and I miss being away from the flagpole.

3 thoughts on “Fulfilling a 6 year old promise.

  1. I was one of the first Marines at Bogue in April 1966. Went to Nam and came back to Bogue in Feb 1968. Got my release from the Corps in Mar 1969. I do have some pictures of that time of some launches (A-4 and F-4).

  2. To Tom Roloff – I think we might have been in the same SATS class at Lakehurst. I got to Lakehurst in Jan 66 (cold as hell) and Cherry Point around the same time as you. Was assigned to MABS 27 and made the daily 6×6 truck ride to Bogue. I think you may have got Westpac orders the same time as Ken Davis?

  3. got to Bogue 6/1966 till 3/1969 then TAD to NAS New York to build a landing pad for the RAF’S Harrier V.T.O.L. on the pier on 25th st and the F.D.R. drive,for the Trans-Atlantic Mail Race,the Marine Corp wanted the aircraft,I had guard duty with the RAF in Manhattan.

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