EA-6B takes an arrested landing on July 11th

Wow, this is rare.  I was lucky to see this bird circling overhead around the time of the arrestment.  Wish I had stopped in at Bogue to see the action.  Talked with one of the EAF Marines and he said that this was the first actual arrestment for his crew but they handled themselves well and took care of business.  Semper Fi, my hat’s off to the Rat’s of Bogue!

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Check out the video here.

3 thoughts on “EA-6B takes an arrested landing on July 11th

  1. Spent a little over two year’s at bogue with mwss-271 from early 1988 to late 1990.
    Had a great time working there. Could not tell you how many birds we trapped but it was a bunch. It was a rush being the point man back then. Late 90 recieved orders to security force company and left. Looking at this sight made me think back a little about the marines I worked with back then and what they are all doing now……

    Semper Fi
    SGT D. Bray 87-93

  2. I just finished up my career. We were taking 15 arrestments a day back in 2002 but that has since tapered down to maybe a couple each year.

  3. That was a nice trap of the A6. I was at Bogue when we used the mk5 arresting gear. Also when the CE-1 catapult was installed to launch A-4, F-4. I was first at Bogue in April 66. Left for Nam Dec.66 and returned to Bogue in Feb 68. Got discharged in Mar 69. BEAUTIFUL BOGUE

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