Coin Registry

MCALF CoinMCALF Coin FrontThis works on an honor system, play nice. Corrections should be sent by email or comment below with the information you want posted.

Coin NumberOwner
Coin NumberOwner
1Jody J. Roth
7William Winand
9Allen Howard
12Wesley Hoksbergen
58Allen Howard
63Ryan J. Ward
82Joshua R. Hooten
84Thom Dukes
85Stanley J. Gluza
92Jeff Dube
109Herschel Hamm
111Jorge C Barbeite
118George Kujawa
121Larry Q. Chambers
124Robert Schade
126Craig Veltri
133George Kujawa
146Kevin Young
151Roger Malone
185Michael Clinesmith
188Steve Keswick
189Steve Keswick
191Joe Simmons
192Roger Maolne
195Robert Wayne Rawson
275Ronnie Kilburn Jr.
276Tim McCarver
281Bob Croyle
292Phillip Hawk


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  1. I was stationed there with MACS-6/MACS-2 ATC DET A. Served with the best group of Marines.

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