C-17 brings Humvees and News Crew to Bogue!

Check out the video clip from the Channel 12 evening news program. Somehow, they worked me into the footage despite hiding away on the LHA tower. LtCol Coburn has been a proponent of Bogue Field use by C-17’s for a long time.  SSgt Seeger made the 5:00p.m. but I didn’t see or record the program.  The Sun Journal has a news story online that mentions SSgt Seeger.

Way to go Bogue Rats!!!

Semper Fi,


bogue news.wmv






2 thoughts on “C-17 brings Humvees and News Crew to Bogue!

  1. Hey! I was there when that thing landed! It shifted the landing deck like 4 ft.! crazy, we were all wondering if that bird was actually gonna make it…. Semper Fi.

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