Been a long while…

…since I updated the site with features or information so here you go.  A new picture of the Bogue Rat and a Guestbook

I’ve received some interest in locating friends and comrades that worked together at MCALF Bogue.  Stop by and drop a note or crusty story in the new Guestbook by following the link over there on the right.

6 thoughts on “Been a long while…

  1. served at bogue in 1968. We had no running water or telephones, just field phones. we lived in old trailers with no heat or water.

  2. I was there in 82-83 layiin’AM2 Mats ,stretching Harrier Hides and operating Heavy Vehicle Equiptment TEREX Forks.. and some ….We were WES-27 from MWSG-27 Cherry Point

  3. I was a Rat from July 89 to Feb. 93 ,I’m looking for a copy of a video that was made in 92 I believe it was pro. Edited and set to Van Halen. Also would like to hear from all the broken back, Matt slammers, that served on all the matting parties after the F4 was moth balled.

  4. Was a Bogue Rat between 1983 and 1986. Served with MATCS-28 Det B ATC. Great memories! Captain Giani (OIC) and MSgt Smoak (SNCOIC). Best of times! KK

  5. I was a Bogue Rat the first time in the fall of 1981. Lots of night op’s. By April of 1982 I was on my way to Okinawa, a year later they sent me to Cherry Point H-H1. After a year at Station I got orders to head back to Bogue until my out date February 1 1985. Good times, good friends, good memories! 7011 EAF- Aircraft Recovery.

  6. I was there July 72 till Oct. 73 with Mabs 14 Heavy Equipment .
    1st Lt Hulihan
    Ssgt Griffin
    Sgt Dennison
    Sgt Conklin
    CpL Harrell
    Pfc Green
    Pfc Flood
    Pvt Pauley

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