MCALF Bogue oriented sites

This list was borrowed from the Open Directory. You can find a couple more at that link.

Global Security– History and overview of Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field [MCALF] Bogue Field.

Smith, Patrick – Veteran’s personal site titled “The Bogue Rat’s Nest”. His biography, message board, and photos of Bogue Field.

Eventually I will resurrect the old links page from so that you can add your own Bogue Rat hot spots.

Semper Fi!

Capt Palm Strikes Again!

Captain Palm, former Mayor of Bogue, was recently presented with the Grandpaw Pettibone Award for his article in the Sept.-Oct. 2005 edition of “Approach” magazine. Major General Glueck Jr., Commanding General of 2nd MAW, presented the award. The clipping below is from the July 27th edition of the windsock.

Semper Fi,

MSgt Roth